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Oproep! Werd jij tot abortus gedwongen?

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Peter Schilte

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BerichtGeplaatst: do nov 12, 2009 3:54 pm    Onderwerp: Oproep! Werd jij tot abortus gedwongen? Reageer met quote

In Amerika is een zaak bezig over gedwongen abortussen. Daarbij is elk geval van belang. Daarom deze oproep:
My name is Larry Brennan and I am making an appeal here to all women
who were on staff in organized scientology who had coerced abortions.

I ask that any of you who may be willing to testify that you had a
coerced abortion while on staff in organized scientology to contact me
as soon as possible.

Right now there are two cases ongoing that in part involve coerced
abortions. One woman who was heavily pressured to have abortions
recently courageously testified as to the details. Organized
scientology lawyers tried to ridicule her while completely lying about
their policies on abortion for Sea Org members and the pressure
brought forth on same. She withstood their insulting and heartless
lines of questioning that if she really cared she could have gone full
term and turned her baby over for adoption, that she chose abortion
over being sent to a lower org and that she really knew why all those
Sea Org women had abortions by the boatload.

They lie that pregnant scientology staff members are not pressured at
all to have abortions and that getting the abortions was always the
100% free choice of the women involved who did not want the babies.

Organized scientology attorneys claim that what they do that may
result in abortions, human trafficking and a myriad of other staff-
related abuses can be defended on grounds of “minister exemption” or
otherwise all this that they do must be excused in the name of
“religious freedom”.

Yes their position in effect is that the destruction of family and
indeed life itself is part of their untouchable “religious freedom”.

Some good news in a recent case is that the judge denied organized
scientology’s motion to dismiss the request for an injunction against
abortions. So, the possibility of the court enjoining them to stop
coerced abortions is still on the table.

The reason for the request that you contact me is that there is a
short window in one case for a list to be made and filed in court
giving the names of women who will in fact testify that while on staff
they were coerced into having an abortion.

I will get back in touch with you and then with your approval get you
in touch with an attorney for this case.

You can reach me via my private email of (with
the “AT” representing the “@” symbol).

I completely understand if any of you do not feel able to help here
but if you can find it in your heart to do so you may very well help
make the difference to get this great abuse stopped on female staff of
organized scientology once and for all.

Thanks for reading this and considering same.

If you want to check out who I am please feel free to google: “Larry
Brennan scientology”, check with others or just check out my blog:

On behalf of girls and women everywhere, indeed on behalf of decency
and life itself, we have a chance to make a big difference right now
on this one of the most major abuses. My interest here is seeing the
abuses stopped now and forever.

I am telling you now that organized scientology is being notified of
other legal demands and suits to come if they do not meet their
obligations to others. In the course of interviewing people there is
much coming up involving efforts to recruit young girls into the Sea
Org. This brings about another goal on the part of those seeking
justice here. And that goal is to put out to scientology public that
they must keep their young daughters out of the Sea Org. Brutally hard
work, abuse and forced abortions await them there.

In threatening me years ago for speaking out about beatings and other
abuses, David Miscavige’s attorney told my attorney that organized
scientology would never be reformed from the outside.

I say we show them how wrong they are. I say that we do not wait for
David Miscavige to make a change he will never make on his own.

Let’s end this

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