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Disconnection: Lori Hogdson: A MOTHERíS HEARTBREAK

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Peter Schilte

Geregistreerd op: 8-1-2008
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BerichtGeplaatst: wo okt 26, 2011 4:36 pm    Onderwerp: Disconnection: Lori Hogdson: A MOTHERíS HEARTBREAK Reageer met quote

Toen haar zoon na een ernstig motorongeluk in het ziekenhuis lag mocht zijn moeder hem niet zien. Zelfs informatie over zijn toestand mocht niet worden gegeven.
...When Hodgson arrived at the hospital, she was told that she would not be able to see her son, and would not even be able to get any information on his condition.

When she asked if a nurse would ask Jeremy personally if he would see her, she was told "Your son does not want to see you."

"Can you at least give me his status?" Hodgson says she asked. "I was told, 'No, your son is 18, and by the privacy laws we're not allowed to give out any information.'

"So I went around the back of the ER, and a nurse came out. I told him what was happening, and I was crying," Hodgson said to me by telephone this morning. She explained to the nurse quickly about Scientology's policy of disconnection, and that she just wanted to know how badly her son was hurt. He told her that he couldn't do that, but if she wrote a note to her son, the nurse said he would take it to Jeremy.

"I told him that this is your mom, I'm here. I want to see you, and I love you very much. He took it to Jeremy, and his sister and dad weren't in the room at that point," she says. The nurse came back and told Hodgson that Jeremy had said to tell her that he was all right, but that he couldn't see anyone.

"I was relieved, because I knew that he was OK," she says.

After a night of little sleep, Hodgson is heading back to the hospital today with her mother and father. Jeremy is scheduled for surgery today, she says, and nothing is going to keep her from being there.

"Jim, my ex-husband, is upset that my cousin posted this on Facebook. He didn't want people to know what had happened. They don't want me there, but I'm going. I don't want to force my way into his room, I just want to be there," she says. "Maybe Jeremy will want to see me today. I'll ask the nurse again."

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