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"Wog" vertelt over ervaringen met Scientology.

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Geregistreerd op: 18-4-2007
Berichten: 96
Woonplaats: Vierlingsbeek

BerichtGeplaatst: vr jul 13, 2007 7:17 am    Onderwerp: "Wog" vertelt over ervaringen met Scientology. Reageer met quote

Tory (Magoo) Christman, een van de bekendste critici van de sekte en zelf 30 jaar lid ervan, kreeg een email van iemand die van buiten kwam werken aan filmopnames. Hij is geen lid van de sekte, maar kreeg wel een unieke inkijk:

Hello Tory

You do not know me, but i feel as i've combed the internet in regards to
scientology, you pop up everywhere, This
has given me a little insight into your life and feeling in regards to

I have had the chance to see you on Operation Clambake and XenuTv. You
having 30 years experience with the
church of scientology has given me a great deal of information about the

Here is a little history about myself! My name is ____(name with held to protect the innocent). my Youtube
blog name is _______. I never
would have become involved with berating scientology,had i not had a
personal, though brief experience with the
group. My experience stem,s from a film i worked on as an outside
contractor, back in 1990 for Golden Era
Productions, in Gilman springs. or Hemet. At the time, i did not know what
scientology was, with the exception of a
few television exposes' and such.

I worked , lived and had a birthday while working with Gold. The name of
the film was called the Purification
Rundown. The film was shown up until 2000 at the Hubbard museum on
Hollywood Blvd. I built the special
projection system to show the film, against the plastic water fall. Total
time at Gold was 45 day,s. I became familiar
with and saw many strange things going on at this Sea Org facility.

This all started with me living at the Chilocco Oklahoma NARCONON
facility at the 5 indian nation agr school. I
lived on site during the filming. I was to say the least appalled at what i

We made up class rooms that did not exist, we took many things and
twisted them into something good, that did
not exist. When there, Kristie Alley flew in and did an interview. She was
to me a very strange individual. She did not
even acknowledge my presents.

After the sad filming in Chilocco, where we filmed poor young people and
their efforts to find direction in their
lives thru the use of Narconon. then the gate was opened for them, to enter
the world of scientology.

Then we proceeded to Hemet and Gilman spring, where i got the full taste
of Sea Org and David Miscavige up
close. It has taken me 17 years to come to grips with what i saw, some
individual do , to their fellow human beings
at Gold.

I will go into more detail in another post. So, on to You tube. The BBC
Panorama piece, i,m a blogger on, i just
came by it by chance.

I do not know if any of your groups know of this video. We have 452,246
Viewing of it and over 34,000 comments
about it in the space of 2 month,s.

If you could, Please share what i have told you here with the members
of Operation Clambake, and any other
blogs that are against or lean against scientology. I have great respect
for your input and compassion. I am far to
much of a fire brand on this subject.

It would to of great benefit to all, if you and the ex scientologists
could add to the comments on the Youtube

The video on Youtube is listed as, BBC Panorama:"Scientology and Me"
yopu know you are in the right place if you
see the 452,246 viewing and 34,6000 comments.

Thank you for your time Tory. You have my email address. I quess in
Sci- Lingo, i'm an SP. I am honest and
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