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De voor-de-gek-houderij gaat door!

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Peter Schilte

Geregistreerd op: 8-1-2008
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BerichtGeplaatst: wo apr 11, 2012 10:14 am    Onderwerp: De voor-de-gek-houderij gaat door! Reageer met quote

Het spelletje "Hoe houden we onze volgelingen voor de gek", daar is de Church of Scientology erg goed in.
SamUrai op WWP bekeek de folder waarin de sekte hoog opgeeft over het feit dat CaliforniŽ de eerst staat in de USA waar alle Orgs "Ideal" zijn gegaan en dus de "Golden State of Ideal Orgs" geworden is eens nauwkeurig en besloot om de werkelijkheid met de folder te vergelijken.

En dit waren zijn bevindingen:


Writing in the Village Voice, Tony Ortega recently published a copy of a flyer that came from the San Fernando Valley "Org." It had the title, "The Golden State of Ideal Orgs" and featured representations of various Ideal Orgs throughout California:

The moment I saw this flyer, I immediately knew something was up. There was a picture of the Orange County Org (Santa Ana, to be more specific). Like a lot of us So Cal folks, I had been following the progress of this org. While the picture in the flyer showed a gleaming, beautiful building, the real Org is a dilapidated mess. In fact, there was an entire thread on here previously that featured pictures from Diablo that showed what a wreck this building is, with broken windows, boarded up doors and a collapsed fire escape!

Here's the picture from the flyer:

For comparison, here's a picture I copied from Google Street View:

Here's a link to Diablo's original thread :

And here's some of the close ups he took that show the Org's real condition:

So I was like, "wait, wut?" I mean, here they had a picture that clearly didn't match the reality, lol, I know, right?

Then I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned to me that the Scilons were doing work on the Valley Ideal Org. I remembered, there was a picture of that Org on the flyer that also showed it as being done!

Check it out:

I pulled up the Org in Google Street View. Obviously, night and day:

So now we're two for two, right? Out of curiosity, I started looking up other orgs on the flyer.

Here's their picture of Mountain View:

And here's what it looks like in Google Street View:

OK, so you can see that absolutely nothing's been done on that location. And they're trying to pass it off as being completed?

One more, here's Steven's Creek. Obviously, this one's a lot closer, but you still have elements that aren't there in actuality, like the fountain. BTW, the comparison picture came from Anons that raided the place, lol!

And the real Steven's Creek:

Anyway, this just seems to show how desperate they are to show evidence of their "expansion," even to the point of heavily doctoring these photos to show all these Ideal Orgs, some of which are works in progress and others where nothing seems to be going on at all.

Oh, and by the way, the Ideal Org they list for San Diego is not the Ideal Org there, it's their regular Org. Somehow they managed to not include the huge "For Sale" sign on the building in their picture of it.

Maar ja, zei Hubbard niet:
"THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them."

Doen ze in ieder geval Ūets goed! Laughing
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