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Overeenkomsten tussen Nazisme en Scientology?

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Geregistreerd op: 18-4-2007
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BerichtGeplaatst: ma sep 03, 2007 5:06 pm    Onderwerp: Overeenkomsten tussen Nazisme en Scientology? Reageer met quote

In de kern is de sekte dictatoriaal, totalitair en ondemocratisch. Al surfend kwam ik een uitgebreide vergelijking tegen die mij in ieder geval erg aansprak en die ik de bezoeker niet wil onthouden:
Normally Godwin's Law would apply with regard to the following. With regard to Scientology and Scienoborgs, this is an exceptional case.

I myself am German, and feel deeply outraged by Scientologists claims, which they make incessantly, that modern day Germany's reaction to this abomination called Scientology is a throwback to the persecution that the Sinti & Roma, Jews, Socialists, Liberals, Homosexuals, Slavs and mentally handicapped suffered in the years '33 to '45 in Germany.

They seem to never get sick of trundling out defamatory remarks about Germany and Germans in general. They seem to hope that if they repeat them long enough - another case in point being their completely unfounded opinions with regard to psychology and psychiatry as it is generally practiced today - then some of the dirt will stick.

But if Scientology compares modern-day Germany with the Nazi-era, let's see how well they come out in the same comparison.

Well let us start with the name

Nazi = National Sozialismus, and they had very little Socialism or socialist ideals.

Scientology = Well their methods have very little to do with science.

Nazis had a charismatic Führer in Adolf Hitler whose word was law and upon whose writings the Nazi-party was based

Neo-Nazi Scientology has a charismatic leader in L. Ron Hubbard whose word is law, and upon whose writings Scientology is based.

The Nazis had a para-military wing called SA (Sturmabteilung) that wore military style uniforms, brown shirts

Neo-Nazi Scientology has a paramilitary wing called SO (Sea Org) that wears military style navy uniforms.

The Nazis instituted concentration camps for dissenters for instance in Sachsenhausen, or Bergen-Belsen. Their motto "Arbeit macht frei"

Neo-Nazi Scientology. Currently RPFs are running at the Cedars of Lebanon building in Los Angeles; on Scientology property near Hemet, California; in the facilities in Clearwater, Florida; in the British headquarters at East Grinstead, Sussex; and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their motto seems also to be "Arbeit macht frei"

Nazis had no use for Homosexuals, mentally handicapped, or members of democratic parties, such as the SPD.

Neo-Nazi Scientology has no use for Homosexuals, mentally handicapped and democracy in general.

Nazis had their scapegoats in the Jews

Neo-Nazi Scientology has their scapegoats in the "psychs"

Nazis wanted to clear the planet for the "Arische Herrenrasse".

Neo-Nazi Scientology wants to clear the planet of everybody who is not a "Clear". (To quote Hubbard, with regard to those who cannot be "cleared", that they should be "Disposed of quietly without sorrow")

Nazis had the Geheimestaatspolizei (Gestapo)

Neo-Nazi Scientology had the Guardian Office, now called Office of Special Affairs (OSA)

Nazi leaders were imprisoned before their rise to power for criminal activities against the state

Neo-Nazi Scientology leaders have been imprisoned for criminal activities against the state (See operation "Snow white").

Taking a look at the show trials that the Nazis filmed and produced, is very similar to what Scientologists call a Committee of Evidence, which uses so called sec checks, which the organization portrays as "Integrity Processing" or "Confessional Auditing," but which is really a form of interrogation. In fact, in 1960, Hubbard wrote a policy called "Interrogation" about how to use the device known as an E-meter as an interrogation device rather than merely as a spiritual aide in counselling or auditing sessions as the organization represents it to the outside world (Hubbard, 1960).

Nazis used terror tactics to silence dissenters and critics.

Neo-Nazi Scientologists use terror tactics to try to silence dissenters and critics.

This is just a cursory look at the organisation that anyone can examine, if they were inclined to discover the facts.

A number of people, who post on critical websites, have had first hand experience of the "benevolence" of Scientology.

Lisa McPherson and Stacy Moxon Meyer among others have discovered that as far as life goes, Scientology has a way of helping you out.
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